Taco Bell anti-veggie ad pulled after customers complain

Taco Bell has done a lot of questionable things in their history, but this one might take the cake. A new ad by the company actually seems to discourage eating vegetables.

The advertisement is meant to promote their variety 12-pack of tacos, which includes six regular tacos and six Doritos Tacos Locos. The commercials shows someone arriving to what looks like a Super Bowl party, with a veggie platter. The party's host looks at the veggies with something that isn't quite enthusiasm, when the announcer chimes in, "Veggies on game day is like punting on fourth and one. It's a cop out. And secretly? People kinda' hate you for it."

Taco Bell's solution to the veggie problem? A box of 12 tacos. To be fair, they're very similar. A carrot stick has about 6 calories and no fat, while a Taco Bell taco has about 170 calories and 9 grams of fat. That's over 2000 calories and 100 grams of fat for the box. The announcer calls the 12-pack, "A game day tradition. Since right now."

It turns out, people who like vegetables aren't fond of the ad. According to the Associated Press, the Center for Science in the Public Interest urged people to tweet their complaints about the ad. Not long after, Taco Bell pulled it from the air.

Rob Poetsch, a spokesman for Taco Bell, says, "We didn't want anyone to misinterpret the intent of the ad." It is not known what the message of the ad was, beyond "Eat tacos instead of vegetables."

The Center for Science in the Public Interest was happy that Taco Bell got rid of the ad so quickly, and thanked them.

Photo/Video credit: iSpot.tv