Taco Bell introduces 'gourmet Mexican' fancy food

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taco-bell.jpgWhat do you think of when you think of Taco Bell? A glass of wine and cloth napkins? Bone china, capers and your pinky in the air? We're not saying the new "gourmet Mexican" menu is going to take your mind off the last drunken Taco Bell run and falling asleep with the wrappers on your chest. Still, it might surprise you.

A brand new, fancier menu, created by celebrity chef Lorena Garcia for Taco Bell's 5,600 domestic restaurants will appear in July. The menu will include things like Cantina Burrito Bowl and Cantina Burrito. Taco Bell executive Brian Niccol tells USA Today that Garcia, "brought a lot of new thinking, a lot of fresh approaches to our ingredients that change the flavor profile of the brand."

You'll also be shelling out more cash for your fancy food. The Cantina Burrito Bowl and Cantina Burrito, offered with chicken or steak will cost just under $5. A vegetarian option will be offered, also for nearly $5. Side dishes include chips and pico de gallo or corn salsa, chips and guacamole, or black beans and rice and will cost $1.49.

Well, now you can feel extra swanky when you make your run for the border.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images