'Tanked's' Wayde King: 'I'm still broke'

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When Wayde King married his wife, Heather, she came as part of a package deal with her brother, Brett Raymer, and her father, Irwin "The General" Raymer, and a business partnership that became Las Vegas-based Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

Now that ATM is the focus of the reality show "Tanked," airing Fridays on Animal Planet, King and Raymer spend a lot of time together, both for television and business.

"We've been together almost 17 years, so we're like brothers," Raymer tells Zap2it while sitting at a picnic table with King at a Malibu, Calif., winery where they've just installed an aquarium built into a covered wagon.

He continues, "We know each other's pet peeves; we know each other's good and bad points."

"I irritate him more," says King.

"Over the years," says Raymer, "we've learned to the point where, if I've got a problem with him, I just walk away. Fifteen minutes later, it's over. We know we have a common goal, and us being angry at each other is not going to get us where we need to be."

From time to time, though, the brothers-in-law do blow up at each other on-screen.

"Whenever we yell," says King, "it's yelling about the aquarium or the project or what's happening. You're not getting mad personally at somebody. The work thing -- that's funny to me."

While business is picking up, King dispels rumors that he's rolling in dough.

"I'm not rich," he says. "Everybody says that. I'm still broke. I have no money. I'm still catching up from the years before. [Being on TV] lets you be able to take your company to the next level and grow and have bigger payrolls, and we're doing that. So hopefully, in another year, year and a half, it'll be nice."

ATM has, however, moved into a new, larger headquarters.

"All of a sudden," says King, "you move into a new office: 'Where's my calculator? My phone won't work. Why won't my seat go down?' Everyone comes to you, and you're still trying to film and do it all."
Photo/Video credit: Animal Planet