'Tanning Mom': Playboy doesn't want Patricia Krentcil -- thank goodness!

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patricia-krentcil-tan-mom-today-nbc.jpgSo called Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil will not expose her elephant hide skin in the pages of Playboy. The world can breathe a sigh of relief. It's hard enough to see that face on the news talking about whether or not she took her five-year-old daughter tanning. Krentcil is currently free on $2,500 bond. She is due back in court in June.

According to TMZ, Krentcil has expressed interest in posing naked (oh dear) in a number of publications, including Playboy. A source from the magazine tells the site that this will never happen.

"It wouldn't even be considered" -- Hef wouldn't let TM pose in the magazine or ANY Playboy outlet. Simply put -- Tanning Mom just isn't Playboy material," the source says. We want to know what you think. Would the curiosity factor be enough to make you buy a magazine with the Tanning Mom posing naked in it? You know someone will make an offer. Let us know your thoughts.

Photo/Video credit: NBC