Taran Killam channels Robyn in late-night 'SNL' writers' room music video

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Watching Robyn roll around the "Saturday Night Live" stage in her stained-glass spandex and bowl haircut was a definite highlight from Dec. 10's Katy Perry-hosted show, but we might love this just-released YouTube video even more.

During one of last week's late "SNL" writing nights, a group of cast members -- including Bobby Moynihan, Abby Elliott and Vanessa Bayer -- all got together to help Taran Killam recreate Robyn's video for "Call Your Girlfriend." 

If you haven't seen the original version (which you should rectify immediately), it features the pint-sized Swedish singer dancing around a warehouse while wearing a cropped fur jacket. Killam dons a similar outfit and dances his heart out while his castmates shine flashlights on his amazing dance moves. 

He even goes for the backwards-somersault-into-floor-humping move with just as much gusto as Robyn herself. Impressive for 4:30 a.m. Basically, it's magical. The Killam version is above and the original Robyn version is below. You should probably watch them both, just to make your day a little better.