Taylor Lautner's new Mercedes: Worth more than you are

taylor-lautner-getty.jpg He's got 8-pack abs, women swooning over him and bank account with seven zeroes ... before the decimal. But now Taylor Lautner, "Twilight's" Jacob, has decided to rub it in -- with a $200,000 Mercedes.

The 19-year-old heartthrob picked up his new ride, a 2012 SLS AMG Mercedes-Benz on July 27 according to TMZ. The gullwing car is -- how to put this politely -- the most beautiful thing outside of Victoria's Secret catalog.

If Lautner plays his cards right, he might just end up with one of those models in the passenger seat, too.

The car gets 14 mpg city. But I guess he can afford $4/gallon for gas. Darn you Lautner! You always win.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Mercedes-Benz