Taylor Swift and Harry Styles dating: Fan writes 'The Haylor Song' and it is glorious

harry-styles-taylor-swift-dating.jpgWhen Taylor Swift embarks on a new relationship, we all feel entitled to our opinions. After all, we're the ones who are going to be singing along to her breakups and makeups on the radio, paying for them on iTunes $1.29 at a time, and, yes, endlessly speculating about them all over the internet. So when a night on the town and a sweet Central Park rendezvous confirmed the rumor that Swift is dating One Direction boyband fave Harry Styles, we all weighed in -- including die-hard One Direction fans all over Twitter and Tumblr.

Some thought they were cute together. Some thought he was only into her because he likes older women. Some thought she'd break his heart. Some thought they were using each other for publicity. But no fan expressed her anguish in quite so brilliant and hilarious a fashion as Tumblr user se7enteenblack.

Ashley, a Washington-based model, musician, and dedicated fan of Styles, wrote and performed "The Haylor Song," a parody of Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble," which is rumored to be about Styles. (We still think it's about John Mayer, though.) The song, which was written as a joke, is hilarious -- and she can really sing!

It's basically the best thing ever, and we couldn't resist sharing it with you. If only all fans could share their opinions in such fun ways -- you know, instead of getting mean hashtags trending on Twitter.

Read the lyrics below!

Once upon a time, once albums were debuted
Haylor was concieved, we panicked and we knew
She'd hurt him, she'd hurt him, she'd hurt him, him, him, him, him.

At first we didn't care, we figured she'd back off
She'd always got around, we thought she'd take a walk.
And desert him, desert him, desert him, him, him, him, him.

But she's still here, in the city.
Now we realize, and we can agree.

We knew she was trouble when snagged Styles.
How could we allow
Taylor to get him with her fake smiles
It seems he's hers now.
We knew she was trouble when she got Styles
So shame on us now
This fandom's gettin' kind of hostile
She's gonna throw him in her "ex boy" pile.

Oh oh oh trouble trouble trouble.
Oh oh oh trouble trouble trouble.

Now Harry's got it bad, they're walking in times square
The fans can see it all, he doesn't even care.
He's blinded, he's blinded, he's blinded-ed-ed-ed-ed.
We heard they're "so in love" from whispers on the street
But all she really wants, is a track for her cd
I hope he sees, I hope he sees, I hope he see see see see sees.
She's so anal, a control freak
When he'll realize, he'll dump her next week.

And the saddest fear, comes creeping in.
That we'd be pissed off, if he loved anyone, or anything,
Yeah yeah yeah

And now we're gettin' angry cause she snagged styles
My dashboard hates her
Let's just say this s*** better be worthwhile
Cause if he dates her
She's gonna put Harry through some tough trials
And write an album with his name on file....
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images