Taylor Swift's 'Dear John': Mayer? Probably.

john-mayer-t-swift.jpg Taylor Swift isn't exactly known for giving the men in her life a break after a break-up. She lyrically, publicly, and brutally tore Joe Jonas to shreds with her last album, "Fearless," even tearing up as she sang in front of him at an awards show.

This year, she isn't talking about exactly who her songs are about -- well, except for that one about Kanye West, of course. Still, she hasn't gone to great lengths to hide the fact that "Back to December" is probably about Taylor Lautner.

So what about her song "Dear John"? Is it about John Mayer? Almost definitely. The lyrics speak for themselves. Mayer and Swift were rumored to have dated briefly after a Twitter flirtation and her "duet" -- which was more like background vocals -- on his song "Half of My Heart." We always thought it was rather suspicious that after a spell of mentioning each other in every breath and doing surprise performances together, they suddenly ceased all public interaction.

Check out the "Dear John" lyrics below and let us know in the comments what you think.