Taylor Swift's red-faced 'Ellen' visit; Christina Aguilera's photoshop controversy; more celebrity perfume news

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Taylor Swift visits "The Ellen Degeneres Show" to promote her new album, "Red," and faces embarrassment over her scattered dating history. She also performs a few tunes, and takes the opportunity to plug her latest fragrance, Wonderstruck Enchanted. Ellen Degeneres asks what the difference is between this version, and its predecessor, Wonderstruck.

"Wonderstruck to me is an every day, like really sweet perfume," says Taylor. "This one's like -- I don't know -- you add a string of pearls to that and you're going out and you're like ... 'Wonderstruck Enchanted.'" Ellen jokes, "If you don't have pearls, do not buy this."

christina-aguilera-perfume-ad-royal-desire.jpgChristina Aguilera stirs up controversy by using an old photo in a new magazine to advertise her perfume, Royal Desire. The Daily Mail says, "Aguilera's entire anatomy appears to have been given an overhaul in an ad for her fragrance." Yikes.

Aguilera has another scent out now, Red Sin, which she tells Beauty High she sprays all over herself before slipping into bed. "I really like to just set the mood and it relaxes me," says Christina, adding that the power behind a fragrance is how "it can make you feel sexy before someone even sees you."

isaac-mizrahi-fabulous-bloomingdales-fullpic.jpgIsaac Mizrahi took New York to launch his first fragrance, Fabulous, hosting a meet-and-greet with fans at Bloomingdales.

Mizrahi's new scent personifies his personal dream for women to feel and smell fabulous at all times. Should you wonder what feeling fabulous smells like, Mizrahi believes it's notes of mandarin, nectarine, jasmine, vanilla and cedar.

If you're on board, Isaac will help you feel and smell fabulous for around 80 bucks.

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