Teacher suspended for lassoing student in Texas causing rope burns

History came to life for one seventh grade class at Schrade Middle School in Rowlett, Tex. During a lesson about cowboys, and herding cattle, a teacher decided to show his students some lasso techniques.

Since he didn't have any cattle around, he tried the techniques out on his students, instead. One of the students ended up with rope burns around his neck, according to WFAA in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Another student, Tristan McKissick, shot video of the lassoing on his cell phone.

"He told me to stand here and take off running, and he was going to rope me," McKissick says, "So he threw it." He explains there was no harm intended to the student injured, "He didn't pull or anything, he let go when he saw it go around his neck so it wouldn't hurt him."

Tristan and his parents are sharing the video to show the teacher meant no harm. "He shouldn't have done that," Tristan's father Randy McKissick says, "but he was just trying to teach them... to do something different, and I admire that."

Parents of the boy who suffered rope burns around, aren't as fine with it. They can't believe that bruises like that could happen in a school. The teacher has been placed on leave, while the school district investigates the incident.

While it seems the general consensus is this was a bad idea, does the teacher deserve to lose his job over it?
Photo/Video credit: WFAA