Ted Danson confronts his relevance in GQ

ted-danson-gq.jpgWe've always liked Ted Danson, but in the past couple of years we've come to love him.

Truly, once you've seen him snort cocaine off a hooker while ordering a hit on an enemy during the first season of "Damages" it's really hard not to love him.

In the February issue of GQ, the 62-year-old actor talks about the drama coach who helped him find his "Damages" character, Arthur Frobisher.

"We read some lines together and he told me basically: 'You're a nice actor; you know where this is supposed to go, and you're going to take me there. But you're playing an arrogant billionaire who could give a rat's ass about anybody else. Maybe you'll say one line and you won't say the next. F*** 'em.'