Teen Choice Awards 2013: Harry Styles twerking in GIF form

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While the 2013 Teen Choice Awards aims to set the world record for twerking, whatever that means, Harry Styles didn't want to be left out. He already nearly lost his shirt walking the blue carpet with his One Direction band mates, he couldn't possibly skip the chance to twerk it out.

He gives Miley Cyrus, the uncrowned queen of twerk, a run for her money with his moves, which delighted the crowd to no end. 

It may not have lasted long, but in the age of the internet that just doesn't matter. The only think he's missing is Miley's onesie to make it official.

So enjoy Harry twerking on an infinite loop, just don't stare too long. Thanks, animated GIFs.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/FOX