'Teen Choice Awards 2013' worst dressed: Selena Gomez, Anna Camp and more

Selena Gomez, we get it. You are gorgeous and grown up and pretty much cannot look bad.

But this green dress with the double slits and slightly Eastern influence to the bodice does you no favors. It's got a 1970's rec room feel to the leather and suede and you can do so much better.

Next up ...

Was  Anna Camp going figure skating after walking the turquoise carpet? The tassel in back, (oh wait there is no back) and with a front cut to the navel and the lace sleeves all add up to looking as if she has a reserved time at the rink.

Bridgit Mendler is another adorable woman, who is probably a size zero in a dress that may be a double zero and an outfit that would have worked at a 1980's junior prom, but here it was at the "2013 Teen Choice Awards."

Tia Mowry: Why? The floral skirt, which was a grandma's couch, the sheer and paneled top, it looks like something Kim Kardashian rejected.

And Renee Bargh, you have the body to pull off shorts, but shorts and lacy trim for an award show? Not even when you add the lacy trim, especially when you add the lacy trim.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images