Teen Choice 2014 hosts Tyler Posey, Sarah Hyland best moments: Enthusiasm and a coconut bra

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Fans of the Teen Choice Awards might have been worried that 2014 hosts Tyler Posey and Sarah Hyland weren't up to the task. No need to worry though -- the "Teen Wolf" and "Modern Family" stars were enthusiastic, charming and funny.

Here are 7 of their best moments.

7. Showing love to the teen bloggers
People in the audience don't know who these kids are, so it's nice when the hosts make a real effort to make the computer teens seem like they should be there.

6. General enthusiasm
It's hard work hosting an awards show. But Posey and Hyland stayed peppy throughout. That's legitimately harder than it sounds.

5. Costume changes
How many costumes did these two have? In addition to the full on hula look (see below), there were some casual moments (with at least two t-shirts) and beach wear. Based on what was mentioned earlier, the hosts were prepared for church clothes and more, had the Twitter votes gone that way.

4. Posey threw his hands in the air
Speaking of enthusiasm, Posey pretty much personified "throw your hands in the air" during the Teen Choice Awards.

3. Sarah Hyland, straight man
It's hard to be the straight man when your co-host is a hyper and silly person. Hyland did it with grace and plenty of her own humor.

teen-choice-2014-jennifer-lopez-tyler-posey-maid-in-manhattan-gi.jpg 2. "Maid in Manhattan" reunion
Did you know before the Aug. 10 awards show that Tyler Posey played Jennifer Lopez's son in "Maid in Manhattan"? Their reunion was adorable, and Posey's insane dancing just added to the joy of the moment.

teen-choice-2014-tyler-posey-coconut-jennifer-lopez-maid-in-manhattan-gi.jpg 1. The coconut bra
This wasn't just the best moment for the hosts ,but it may have been one of the better moments in award show history, even if the shock (and joy) of seeing Posey in the bra overshadowed Hyland's excellent line: "We probably should've gotten training coconuts, am I right?"

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, FOX