Teen Choice Awards: Did you understand that Tyler Posey and J.Lo interaction?

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jennifer-lopez-tyler-posey-teen-choice-awards-2014.jpgWhen Teen Choice Award host Tyler Posey met J.Lo on stage he mentioned that they hadn't seen each other in a while -- but do you know where they first met? Those of you up on your rom com knowledge may know that Tyler Posey played Jennifer Lopez's son Ty in "Maid in Manhattan." 

Don't believe us? Check out the trailer from the 2002 film (with an amazingly nostalgic soundtrack) and check out that baby Posey smile. 

Posey sweetens the reunion with his impromptu audition to be Jennifer's new backup dancer. Jennifer Lopez agreed, but only if Posey would stop. 

The "Teen Wolf" hottie may not have the moves to make it on tour but even Jennifer can agree that he's only gotten better with age. 
Photo/Video credit: Getty