'Teen Titans Go!': Preview chapter 3 of the digital comic

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"Teen Titans Go!" releases chapter 3 of its digital comic on Saturday (Jan. 11), and you can get a first look at the Cartoon Network-based artwork here. What happens when the Titans get involved with reality television?

After watching a popular show, "Jump City's Got Your Talent Right Here!," Starfire decides to sign up and show off her own talent. Of course, this is certain to go horribly wrong. It's fun to watch in the meantime though.

teen-titans-go-chapter-3-dc-comics-1.jpg teen-titans-go-chapter-3-dc-comics-2.jpg teen-titans-go-chapter-3-dc-comics-3.jpg teen-titans-go-chapter-3-dc-comics-4.jpgWritten by Sholly Fisch, with art by Lea Hernandez and a cover from Dan Hipp, chapter 3 of "Teen Titans Go!" is available via the DC Comics and Comixology apps and on Nook, iBookstore, Kindle and Google Play.

teen-titans-go-chapter-3-dc-comics-cover.jpg"Teen Titans Go!" airs Wednesdays on Cartoon Network.

Photo/Video credit: DC Comics