'Teen Wolf' Season 3 opening title sequence: Scott puts on a shirt and other tragedies

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"Teen Wolf" Season 3 is about to begin, and fans have been promised a darker, more action-packed season. The new opening title sequence for the MTV show makes that abundantly clear with one of the very first images: Scott McCall is fully clothed.

Granted, most of the opening credits retain that mix of passion, horror and shirtlessness that so beautifully define this rather incredible series. But a few things -- other than extra gratuitous male nakedness -- are missing.

teen-wolf-season-3-opening-sequence-scott-mtv.jpgBig changes for the third season of "Teen Wolf":

  • For the obvious reason that he left the series, Colton Haynes (Jackson) appears nowhere in the credit sequence. This alone decreases the hotness factor by a significant degree.
  • Scott (Tyler Posey) goes all levitation-y on us early on. There is probably something important to this, but the upcoming season will have to explain it.
  • There is a brief and frightening image of hands reaching for each other. This is rather cool.
  • Perhaps to make up for the lack of full-male-toplessness, we do get a couple of up-close views of muscled torsos sporting tattoos. 
  • There's no lacrosse anywhere in this video. What's up with that, "Teen Wolf"?

teen-wolf-season-3-opening-sequence-hands-mtv.jpgIn case you need a refresher for the "Teen Wolf" Season 2 opening sequence, check it out below. Otherwise, "Teen Wolf" Season 3 begins Monday, June 3 at 10pm on MTV.

Photo/Video credit: MTV