'Teen Wolf' Season 4, episode 5: Derek, Parrish, the deadpool in GIFs from 'I.E.D.'

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The "Teen Wolf" Season 4 episode, "I.E.D." had plenty of memorable moments. That makes it easy to recap the episode in GIFs -- everything from Derek losing his powers to Deputy Parrish's mystery to a big lacrosse game.

First of all, it's probably good to explain the meaning of this episode's title.

liam-ied-1.gif liam-ied-2.gifYou should also remember that crazy Merideth from Eichen House returns in "I.E.D."

merideth-lydia-1.gif merideth-lydia-2.gifIt's not all about sports at the lacrosse game. Mason has other things on his mind.

mason-liam-1.gif mason-liam-2.gifBut Scott, Kira and Stiles are a little more focused on the tasks at hand.

lacrosse-1.gif lacrosse-2.gif lacrosse-3.gifThere are bigger problems than lacrosse before the episode is over -- and more mysteries. For example, why is Deputy Parrish on the deadpool list?

parrish-lydia-1.gif parrish-lydia-2.gifWho is the Benefactor?

who-is-the-benefactor.gifWhat will Chris Argent do now that the Calaveras are back in town?

calavera-argent.gifWhere is all of this going? The next "Teen Wolf" episode will air Monday, July 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Photo/Video credit: MTV