Tennessee state Rep. Julia Hurley: Hooters shaped who she is today

julia-hurley-facebook.jpgNewly-elected Tennessee state representative for district 32 Julia Hurley credits her success in politics and business to her work as a Hooters Girl. Hurley writes about her experiences in the latest issue of Hooters magazine.

Hurley says in a statement to the AP, "I take the honor of serving in this state House more seriously than anything I have in my life. I identify with every woman who has overcome the odds to realize their dream. My past shapes who I am today."

In the magazine, she writes, "Hooters gave me the opportunity to belong to a group of women who had also struggled, or were struggling, and I was lucky to have managers that saw each girl's potential and coached us, protected us, and helped shape who we are today ... If I could make it at Hooters, I could make it anywhere."

Hooters wouldn't be our first choice as a place to work, but that's mostly because waitressing is hard enough without having to wear those garish, skimpy outfits. But who cares if somebody else did? It's a little funny to credit the restaurant known for booty shorts and boob tops for your success, but to each their own.

Photo/Video credit: Facebook