'Terminator Salvation' star Sam Worthington's deadly weapons: F-bombs

It was difficult for our Red Carpet Guerrilla to get a video clip of Sam Worthington at Friday night's Australians in Film event without a major f-bomb.

Here's one in which the no-nonsense Aussie superstar-in-the-making talks about being Australian, doing your job, "no mucking about," his sister laughing at his billboard on Sunset Boulevard, his role in "Terminator Salvation" and working with his dedicated and passionate co-star Christian Bale.

The dude reminds us of a young Russell Crowe. And no, we didn't ask if he was on set on the day of Bale's recorded rant against the wandering DP, Shane Hurlbut. No need to upset this outspoken guy.

Read more on Sam in "Terminator" and his admiration for Bale after the jump. Caution: f-bomb alerts!