'Terra Nova' featurette: You've heard it's big, right?

terra-nova-shannon-family.jpgYou may have heard that "Terra Nova" is putting a lot of effort -- really, a lot -- into its digital effects, making sure the on-screen dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna look good on your TV screen.

But the show is also a pretty huge physical production, as you can see in the featurette below. The show's crew built a massive outdoor set for the Terra Nova colony in Australia, so most of what you see as Jim Shannon ( Jason O'Mara) and his family acclimate to their new home is real, as opposed to computer-generated.

"Terra Nova" follows the Shannon family as they travel from 2149 A.D. to 85 million years in the past, where colonists led by Cmdr. Nathaniel Taylor ( Stephen Lang of "Avatar") attempt to restart human civilization and co-exist with dinosaurs. It premieres Monday, Sept. 26 on FOX.

Take a look at the great big set in Australia:

Photo/Video credit: FOX