'The Fashion Show' Go-Go gadget jacket!

Kellyrowland_thefashionshow_290 Tonight, "The Fashion Show" tried to answer that age old question, who is more chic? Inspector Gadget or Aeon Flux?

The mini challenge pulls out a lot of the designer's weakness: sewing. They must compete in a relay which has them repairing a shoulder pad, 5 buttons, a zipper and a hem within 35 minutes. The team that gets the most done with the best quality wins, with their best team member earning immunity. It is predictable that Haven's team is dead last, with her zipper being described as "unforgivable".  One again James Paul's team wins, with Lidia taking gold with her shoulder pad perfection.

The teams change head designers, though Reco just wants to change teams. He, Daniella and Lidia end up in charge of a challenge that is all about outerwear for every season. And that outerwear needs to have a "special surprise" built in as well. I think Anna sums it up best by saying she has no interest in making a go-go-gadget jacket and just wants to make a beautiful coat.

The first sign of trouble is when Reco tells his team their inspiration will be Aeon Flux and none of them know what he's talking about. Which makes inspiration difficult. On top of that, he has make the patterns for everyone on his team. Andrew steals a "special surprise" that was one of Daniella's discarded ideas, while Haven can't even describe the shape of her coat to Isaac. So basically, we have a group of designers who either can't sew, can't conceptualize or can't promote their creations. Fantastic!

Reco is ten shades of over confident backstage, announcing that everyone is making a win too easy for him. Which is beyond-the-pale obnoxious. And while his design is certainly one of the best, I have to think he was only looking at his own team mates for comparison, because there are far more marketable and manufacturable items on the runway.

Which is clear when everything is seen at once. Lidia's team, or as Daniella dubs them, Team Crazy, is interesting, but mostly impractical. It's also of note that Isaac makes a big deal out of the fact that guest judge Norma Kamali did the sleeping bag coat first, but he should have added that hers actually resembled a coat. They are safe but not winning.

It is Daniella's team that looks the most chic all together, though Keith's fabric choice was cheap looking. The two best looks are Anna and Andrew, which Daniella can't help snickering about to the degree that Isaac asks her what's so funny. When she explains that she did more design on Andrew's piece than Andrew did, she's soundly smacked down my Norma who explains that such things happen all the time and you should keep quiet about it. Andrew's win seems more like it was to teach Daniella a lesson, or maybe I'm just disappointed that I can't get Anna's coat now, because it was totally my favorite.

The lack of good construction on top of poor design puts Reco's team dead last. The judges go out of their way to tell Reco that his look was their favorite of the whole show,
while Haven and Markus take the bottom two slots. Haven's coat looked more like an unflattering hairdressers smock and Norma told Markus that he should be devastatingly embarrassed by his lack of workmanship. He happily explains that he isn't, really, but when he's sent home he seems at least a little devastated.

Did you agree with who was sent home? What did you think of Markus's parting shot at Andrew, stating that at least his designs were his own? Is Daniella's attitude too big for this show? And would you ever wear your shoes on your back?