The skinny on Vanity Fair's nudie show

Radar Online recently reported that "The Family Stone" star Rachel McAdams had fired her personal publicist and walked out of a "Vanity Fair" photo shoot because she didn't want to pose nude with several other actresses for the cover of the mag's hot Hollywood issue.

But we got the real skinny on the strip show. There were just three actresses involved in the shoot: Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley and McAdams. And McAdams did tee-totally freak when she got there and found out that VF's guest editor Tom Ford's big artistic concept was to have the gals pose naked. She'd been prepared for a sexy shoot but fully expected a sheet or some lingerie or something. And she really did ditch her publicist — Amy Van Iden — over the debacle.

But — and here's where it gets really interesting — McAdams went ahead and did the shoot. So much for taking a moral stand.

Other shots in the upcoming VF Hollywood issue will include: