'The Avengers' pics: Hawkeye, Captain America and Black Widow walk hard

avengers-hawkeye-cap-widow.jpgWe know that "The Avengers" will contain a lot of action: We've seen the two pretty awesome trailers, after all. So we're not worried that the two latest images from the movie are, shall we say, less than action-packed.

The first shows Hawkeye ( Jeremy Renner), Captain America ( Chris Evans) and Black Widow ( Scarlett Johansson) walking through what looks like a great big bunker. They look pretty determined and serious, but it's still just three people walking down a hall.

The other new picture is of Thor ( Chris Hemsworth) and Agent Coulson ( Clark Gregg) going over something at SHIELD headquarters. Is it just us, or does pretty much every shot of Hemsworth feature him flexing some muscle or other?

avengers-coulson-thor.jpgAre these the most exciting images Marvel and Disney could have put out? Maybe not. Does it diminish our excitement for the May 4 release of "The Avengers"? Not in the least. We're still there.

Photo/Video credit: Marvel/Disney