'The Bachelor': Jake Pavelka not gay, women still not interested

jake-pavelka-dancing-gay.jpgWhen Vienna Girardi revealed that her "Bachelor" ex, Jake Pavelka, didn't want to sleep with her, there was buzz that he may not have swung her way to begin with. Well, he's clearing up those rumors for Us.

"I can't separate love and intimacy -- and apparently that makes me gay," he says sarcastically. When asked if he's gay, he replies, "No, no."

Predictably, his next sentence is "One of my best friends is gay." Oh, well that's original.

Unfortunately, we don't think it matters whether Pavelka digs dudes, girls, or goats.

 After his control freak behavior during his and Vienna's post-mortem interview with Chris Harrison, we're pretty sure it'll be a while before anyone is crazy enough to jump into a relationship with him.

Jake continues, "What people don't understand is, that was 24 hours after my [publicist] called me on the set of 'Drop Dead Diva' saying the relationship was over. [Vienna] didn't call me, it was a publicist."