'The Bachelor' preview: Skinny dipping, baseball and yachts

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bachelor-baseball.jpg "Bachelor" Ben and his 11 remaining ladies take off for sunny Puerto Rico in the latest episode. According to the episode description:

Nicki, the sensitive divorcee, learns that she will have the first one-on-one date. Ben picks her up via helicopter and the two escape to the mainland. They set out to explore charming, historic old San Juan when a thunderstorm strikes and they need to run for cover. Soaked through, they exchange their clothes for some authentic garb and then, coincidentally, the pair happen upon a local wedding.

The next day, Ben surprises nine women with a trip to the famed Roberto Clemente Baseball Stadium. It's all good fun as the group enjoy their time in the field. But then Chris Harrison informs them they will be playing a game against each other to decide who will get a beachside after-party with Ben. The losers will go back to the hotel. Ben chooses one lucky woman to be his MVP - playing on both teams and assured of a ticket to the after-party. For the rest of the bachelorettes, it's game on! Rabidly competitive, the women battle until the last dramatic out, provided by one devastated woman who strikes out and takes the whole team down with her. Ben opens up to one of his sweethearts and then offers her the rose, but Courtney steals the show by privately inviting Ben to a secret rendezvous that is a tempting mind blower: come skinny dip with me! 

Ben invites Elyse to a fabulously romantic evening aboard a luxury yacht, and she takes the opportunity to emotionally explain how much she wants to give up her single life and get married. What will Ben's reaction to be to her genuine revelation? However, when Ben returns to his hotel, he has a surprise waiting for him -- Courtney, who suggested the sizzling tryst. After a night cap, she repeats her offer to skinny dip with him. Will anyone catch them together?

We are not at all surprised about Courtney and the skinny dipping, but it does surprise us a little that Ben does it. He deserves Courtney. "The Bachelor" airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


Photo/Video credit: ABC