'The Bachelor': Roller derby date leads to the hospital

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bachelor-sean-sarah-roller-derby.jpgOn the next episode of "The Bachelor," one bachelorette is rushed to the hospital. And no, it's not because Tierra pushes her down the stairs.

The group date is a roller derby, which is awesome. Talk about an environment where you should put a bunch of women on wheels and encourage them to knock each other around. We're surprised only one woman goes to the hospital, frankly.

Meanwhile, Selma and Leslie H. get the one-on-one dates. Selma mistakenly thinks she's headed for a luxury date, when in fact she is going rock climbing with a presumably-shirtless Sean. Leslie is actually the girl who gets the "Pretty Woman" treatment -- no, not prostitution. A Rodeo Drive shopping spree and a private concert by Ben Taylor.

And in Tierra News, the resident drama queen fights with Robyn and storms off, shedding big ol' tears and needing Sean to comfort her. Is it all a manipulation to get a rose? You know what we think, "Bachelor" fans.

"The Bachelor" airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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Photo/Video credit: ABC