'The Bachelor': Sean Lowe and the ladies do a Harlequin romance shoot

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bachelor-sean-harlequin-photo-shoot.jpgIn Monday's (Jan. 14) episode of "The Bachelor," Sean Lowe has 19 women remaining. Two women get individual dates -- Sarah and Desiree -- and 13 of the rest get swept off on a Harlequin romance photo shoot challenge to win a deal to appear on actual romance novel covers.

Lesley M. spices things up when she sneaks a kiss in during her photo shoot, and Kristy gets sexy when she seduces Sean in front of the other women during her photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Sean takes Sarah on a 300-feet freefall off one of Los Angeles' tallest buildings and a romantic picnic. He later takes Desiree to a posh art show, which is actually a hidden camera prank on her. They eventually end up in a hot tub, so apparently she takes the joke well.

At the end of night, three women are cut, leaving Sean with 16 lucky ladies to choose from.

Photo/Video credit: ABC