'The Big Bang Theory': Meet Raj's potential love interest

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kate-micucci-big-bang-theory-gi.jpgAfter six long years, Raj may finally be getting a girlfriend (who's not a mobile-phone service) on "The Big Bang Theory."

The hit comedy has cast Kate Micucci ("Raising Hope") as Lucy, a possible love interest for Raj ( Kunal Nayyar), according to The Hollywood Reporter. Her first appearance, appropriately, will come in an episode airing on Valentine's Day.

Details of Micucci's role are otherwise being kept quiet, but she'll appear in several episodes.

In addition to "Raising Hope," Micucci -- who's half of the comedy team Garfunkel & Oates -- has appeared on "Scrubs" and "'Til Death" and in the movie "When in Rome."

What do you think of the casting? About time Raj got some lovin', isn't it?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images