'The Blacklist': Red kills the mole, Mr. Kaplan swoops in for clean-up

the-cyprus-agency-the-blacklist.jpgOn "The Blacklist" this week, it's one of the most disturbing cases we've seen thus far, plus Raymond Reddington kills the mole.

Case of the Week

Red puts Agent Keen and the Bureau on the trail of the Cyprus Adoption Agency, which specializes in providing children to parents who want to adopt based on the specific characteristics the parents ask for. Of course, the agency does so by growing made-to-order children in its creepy fertility farm, where women are abducted and held in medically-induced comas while they are forced to give birth over and over again.

Good. lord. The actual shot of Liz finding the room with dozens of women lying in bed in various states of pregnancy was so disturbing.

The Bureau takes them down with Red's help (though he's more absent than usual this episode) by tracking the sale of the powerful sleep aid that is what keeps the women in the comas.

The man behind the Cyprus Agency is Michael Shaw, a disturbed man who was shuffled around the foster system as a boy until he was rejected by a couple that had adopted him because he wasn't perfect enough for them. In the final disturbing twist, Shaw is the father of all 27 children who were bred in his creepy fertility farm.

On the bright side, all the women are alive (except one, the one who escaped and was killed). We suppose that's the bright side, though you imagine what life will be like for these women and the mess of their children out there, adopted by presumably good families and being all safe and loved where they are. We're probably over-thinking it, but that's wretched and heartbreaking to think about for those women, children and families.

Red and the Mole

It turns out Meera is not the mole (which we figured last week). She was following orders to leak the black site schematics under the guise of having security companies bid to "break in" in order to help them figure out the site's security weaknesses.

The order came down from Diane Fowler. When Red confronts her, she claims she did it for Red's protection, to demonstrate to him what she can do and keep him from coming after her, Fitch and co.

But Red shoots her anyway. As she sits there, bleeding, she says, "I know the truth, Red. About that night. About what happened to your family. Do you want to know the truth?" and he says, "More than anything in the world. But if you know the truth, Diane, then somebody else does too." and shoots her dead.

Mr. Kaplan makes her reappearance to clean up after Red, because that's what she does.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • There's a side plot with Lizzie and Tom preparing to receive their baby, but the adoption storyline (and Red asking Lizzie if she's 100 percent confident in her husband) has Lizzie re-thinking things and she tells Tom she's not ready. He ends the episode venting to that sneaky sneak "Jolene."
  • Speaking of Tom and Liz, the show really did a nice job casting the Shaws, the couple who "returned" Michael to foster care. The resemblance to young Liz and Tom was a nice touch.
  • We thought the adoption agency thing might tie more into Red, Red's family, Lizzie, her father, etc. etc. It's OK that it didn't, but the show really zigged when we thought it would zag.
  • Along those lines, while we aren't at all surprised Diane Fowler was behind Red's kidnapping, the shooting was unexpected. It wasn't unexpected that he would kill her after finding out, but the abruptness of it mid-conversation was a surprise. That was awesome, as was the musical cue of Gordon Lightfoot's "Sundown."
  • We hope Alan Alda comes back soon.

Best Lines:

Red: "Now be polite, you're about to meet one of the nicest narcotics dealers this side of Cleveland."

Diane: "You can't shoot me."
Red: "Why not? You're not one of the good guys and, as of today, you're utterly worthless to the bad guys."

What did you think of "The Cyprus Agency"?
Photo/Video credit: NBC