'The Book Thief' stars Geoffrey Rush, Sophie Nélisse come to 'GMA'


"The Book Thief" hit theaters in limited release on Nov. 8, and stars Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nélisse took to "Good Morning America" to discuss the World War II era film.

According to Rush, the movie was his chance to reconnect with his grandfather. "When I read the novel and I read the screenplay, I just remember him telling me this stories when I was 20 about when he was 20," he explains.

Nélisse similarly like the opportunity to connect to the time of Nazi Germany. "I really wanted to do the movie also to learn a bit about what happened," she explains.

Still a relative unknown, Nélisse admits to being a bit intimidated by working with Rush. But considering how well they got along on "GMA," it seems like they managed to get rid of that nervousness fairly quickly.

"It's a bit stressful to begin with because I'm scared he's going to think I'm bad," Nélisse says with a laugh. "He was like my dad on the first day."

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Photo/Video credit: 20th Century Fox