The 'Cake Boss' Takes on NASCAR in a Big Way

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Perhaps the only thing better than a car that looks fast and drives fast is a car that looks fast and ... tastes really good.

In the Sunday, July 31, episode of TLC's "Cake Boss," baker extraordinaire Buddy Valastro of Carlo's Bakery is on his way from Hoboken, N.J., to the Retail Bakers Association's annual convention in Charlotte, N.C.

In honor of the locale, home to the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Valastro decides to create a full-size cake replica of a NASCAR vehicle.

In the end, the trip to Charlotte -- which entails getting lost and having to rely on a local Good Samaritan -- becomes as much of an adventure as making the cake. Valastro is on the road, but he took time to answer a few questions by email about his latest confectionary masterpiece.

Valastro's answers are in boldface.

(At left, the car begins to take shape)

Is this the biggest cake you've ever made?

The NASCAR cake would be by far the largest cake I've ever made -- the thing was huge --over 2.500 sheet cakes!

Can a Formula 1 car be far behind?

Ha-ha, sure, gotta keep everybody happy!

Now that you've done this, might a trip to England to do a cake for "Top Gear" be in the wings?


I'd love to go overseas -- and I do love cars -- you might be on to something!

What was the single hardest thing about making this cake?

Getting it to stand up -- there was a lot of weight on that cake -- I've never seen plywood buckle the way it did.

What was the hardest thing about getting there?


Making sure we had everything with us was a huge issue -- as we were over 10 hours19979_CB101709E_036.jpg away from our bakery, we had to plan it out.

(At right, the car gets its first layer of fondant)

Would you do this again?

I would, but this time I would know what to expect.

Any other sports-themed cakes on the way?

None as of now -- but who knows what the future holds.

You're now a semi-regular on Fox News' "Huckabee," what other TV shows would you like to make cakes for, if you had your pick?

Buddy_Valastro_NASCAR.jpgOprah, she is by far the number 1 person I would like to make a cake for.

What's new at Carlo's Bakery for 2010?

Carlo's Bakery in 2010 is gonna see some new things: we're going to try to take the bakery digital; we're gonna try some new recipes; and of course celebrate our 100-year anniversary -- that only happens once every 100 years!

Update: "Cake Boss" earns a third season.