'The Cape': First on-air promo, plus the full-length trailer

the-cape-320.jpgNBC announced its midseason schedule Monday (Nov. 15), and Monday night it already had promos ready to go for one of its new series, "The Cape."

The show is about a cop ( David Lyons of "ER") who's framed for murder, then presumed dead in a shootout, after which he goes underground and takes on the persona of The Cape, his son's favorite comic-book hero. He joins forces with a young woman ( Summer Glau, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles") to try to wrest control from the corrupt forces that run his city.

You might not get all that from the 30-second promo NBC is running on the air, which is more about style and mood than storytelling. But NBC also has a full-length trailer online that showcases the rest of the cast -- which includes Keith David, Jennifer Ferrin, Dorian Missick, James Frain, Martin Klebba, Vinnie Jones and Ryan Wynott -- and gives a little better sense of what's going on.

Both videos are below. "The Cape" has a two-hour premiere at 9 p.m. ET Sunday, Jan. 9 and moves to Mondays the following night.

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Photo credit: NBC