'The Carrie Diaries' Season 2 premiere: 10 spoilers from 'Win Some, Lose Some'

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Get ready to head back to the Big Apple -- and the '80s -- with a young Carrie Bradshaw as "The Carrie Diaries" returns for Season 2 on Friday, Oct. 25.

After spending a summer in New York City, living with BFF Walt in Larissa's downtown loft, what's next for Carrie? Read on for 10 spoilers from the Season 2 premiere, "Win Some, Lose Some," featuring the introduction of a young Samantha Jones:

10. Though Season 1 ended with Sebastian and Carrie's breakup after he hooked up with her best friend Maggie, don't expect things between these two young loves to be over for good. In fact, one of the two goes so far to say they are still in love with the other while the other declares that things aren't over for the couple. But is that enough? 

9. Carrie's officially a city girl thanks to three months living in Manhattan. When she heads home for a suburban brunch with her dad and sister Dorrit, she even brings the right combo of bagels and lox. 

8. Said brunch ends when one of the Bradshaw sisters reveals a secret about the other to their father who is less than thrilled to learn it.

7. Mouse firmly believes in the "hos before bros" mantra, and takes Carrie's side against Maggie after she hooked up with Sebastian. 

6. Mouse has also been having the best summer ever with her self-proclaimed nerd boyfriend West. How did she convince her parents that West is a good influence? By signing up for more SAT prep classes and extracurriculars, of course.

5. As for boyfriend-stealing Maggie, she's put her feelings of guilt on hold for now to focus on her future ... namely, how on earth is she going to pay for college?

4. Have Donna and Carrie become ... gasp, friends? Maybe not, but they are spending time together in the city. Unfortunately, when Donna brings a little something besides wine coolers to her apartment that upsets Carrie (for good reason), the two split ways for the night.

3. And unfortunately for Carrie, that decision will come to haunt her for a long time as she loses something extremely important and iconic wandering the city alone at night.

2. Mouse's favorite thing about summer is the American flag sheet cake the country club serves. Unfortunately, she cares about this cake a little too much which leads to disaster involving Mouse, Maggie, the cake, and the country club pool.

1. We already knew that Carrie would be meeting a young Samantha Jones this season, and the way they meet is so coincidental that it's clearly fate. Bonus scoop: these two are going to bond faster than you can imagine when Samantha makes a big decision at the end of the season premiere that affects her, Carrie, and Walt.

"The Carrie Diaries" Season 2 premieres Friday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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