'The Changers': Philanthropist Beverly Adams Aims for True Transformation on Television

Today's cuppa: Iced tea (it's HOT in Los Angeles)

Kurt-Jessica-Jimenez-The-Changers.JPGTonight -- Wednesday, Oct. 17 -- GMC TV (formerly known as Gospel Music Channel) premieres "The Changers," a reality series that aims to make dreams come true and transform lives while also promoting a different worthy charity in each episode.

In the first installment, featuring the Dream Foundation of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara., Calif., engaged Jessica and Kurt want a wedding that fulfills all their dreams. As happens in each episode, assisting them is a "helper" -- and individual nominated by friends, family or co-workers -- who has to step outside his comfort zone to help turn imagination into reality.

In this case, it's collegiate rower, filmmaker (and hunky surfer) Scott Mortenson, who is recruited as a first-time wedding planner -- and the experience may change him more than he expects.

The show's creator, entrepreneur, TV personality and philanthropist Beverly Adams, took a few minutes to answer email questions from HCTV about her latest venture and what's meant by her concept of "Everyday Philanthropy" ...

How do you define "Everyday Philanthropy"?  

Everyday Philanthropy is based on the definition of philanthropy - love and welfare of
Beverly-Adams-The-Changers.jpgmankind.  The principle behind Everyday Philanthropy that many people can enrich their lives by supporting, loving, and showing kindness to everyone they come across each day.  You don't have to be a Warren Buffet or Bill Gates to make a big impact for the betterment of humanity.  Small gifts to charities add up when everyone is giving something.  America can be healed by showing gratitude, love and respect for people of all cultures, races, socio-economics, lifestyles, etc.  No judging here!

Where did the idea for this show originate?  

I had been in show development for over two years when I knew we had to make it entertaining, funny, cool, hip and trendy.  A documentary on charities just would not do.  So, we got together, with some people from Hollywood and discussed how we could bring a new genre of reality television to the networks, with the drama, comedy and entertainment.  GMC TV fell in love with our story of giving and wanted to be a part of our message.  This is how we developed "The Changers"!

How did you find the participants?  

God was the casting director! LOL.  Seriously, Jessica and Kurt were referred to us by the Dream Foundation, a wonderful national charity based in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, Calif.  Scott just happened to be BFFs with one of our executive producers!  He was a childhood friend of our producer!

What do you think were the major impacts on the lives of the participants in the first episode?  

I believe the first episode inspires all of us to believe in love, hope and courage.  There is great courage in loving people and looking for the joy in daily life, finding it, and believing in a better day.

What's coming up in future episodes? 

Future episodes will include a Charity Navigator top-ranked non-profit; a scenario where the public will learn about their societal causes; and a person will be tossed into the show, who isn't aware of what is truly going on in our world.  "The Changers" will feature that person's life being changed forever, and everyone involved too.

What do you hope viewers take away from the show? 

Heartfelt new reality that bucks the sensationalized shows.  I believe the viewers will find themselves encouraged, entertained, and inspired to create change.  There are so many interesting stories around top charities in America.  Our purpose is to help heal and not demoralize people on national network television.  It's all about Everyday Philanthropy!