'The Colbert Report' video: Michael Fassbender sings 'I Love You All' from 'Frank'

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Michael Fassbender sings! Of course, his "Colbert Report" performance of "I Love You All" from the actor's upcoming film, "Frank," is a little weird. Not only is the song a bit strange, but Fassbender performs it while wearing a giant, cartoonish head.

It's not a sight you'd want to miss, especially when it's Fassbender's "Frank" co-stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, Domhnall Gleeson and Scoot McNairy playing the instruments.

What is "Frank"? Apparently, it's the story of a musician who gets in over his head when he joins an avant-garde band led by a crazy genius (the titular Frank) who likes to hide under a fake head. "Frank" will be released Friday, Aug. 15 in the U.S.

Photo/Video credit: Comedy Central