'The Counselor' trailer: Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz strip down in Ridley Scott trailer

The first domestic trailer for Ridley Scott's "The Counselor" has arrived and it comes with a bit more nearly-naked Cameron Dia z and Penelope Cruz than the international teaser provided back in June.

The film, Cormac McCarthy's first original screenplay, stars Michael Fassbender as a lawyer who, seduced by the promise of easy money, finds himself drawn into a wild world of nasty criminals, drug-running, some beheading and what looks like at least a few cheetahs.

The teaser doesn't give too much away, but highlights the supporting cast, including Javier Bardem (sporting another trademark insane hairdo), Brad Pitt, Diaz and Cruz as his fiancé.

Be sure to look out for Diaz's wild cheetah print tattoo in the teaser as you watch above "The Counselor" hits theaters on Oct. 25.
Photo/Video credit: Fox 2000