'The Croods 2': Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Nicolas Cage confirmed to return


DreamWorks Animation's mega-hit "The Croods" is on its way to Blu-ray and DVD next month, and the sequel is already being developed.

During an interview with Zap2it Monday (Sept. 9), director Chris Sanders says that he and co-helmer Kirk DeMicco are now one week into production.

Beyond just the directors returning for the second film, the main actors are also on board. Sanders tells Zap2it "all of our stars are coming back," including Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Nicolas Cage.

As for the storyline of "The Croods 2," it's not set in stone. Sanders and DeMicco say the concept hasn't been nailed down, but apparently the idea of returning to the film franchise was enough to get everyone involved excited.

"The Croods" had a huge showing at the box office, bringing in a whopping $585 million worldwide. The DVD, Blu-Ray and Blu-ray 3D will be released on Oct. 1 via 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. The Digital HD version will be available for download starting Sept. 17.

Photo/Video credit: DreamWorks