'The Daily Show' satirizes Barack Obama's presidency in 'It Could've Been Worse' 'campaign film'

barack-obama-daily-show.jpgNo matter how you feel about President Barack Obama's term in office, "Seinfeld" creator Larry David says this fact is indisputable:

It could've been worse.

That's the title of a satirical "campaign film" aired last night (Sept. 6) on "The Daily Show" following Obama's DNC acceptance speech.

In his narration -- over media coverage of the disastrous events of the past four years -- the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" curmudgeon emphasizes the "positives."

Some highlights of how "the president used the power of his office to lessen the badness":

  • The Obama Doctrine: Less bad is better than more bad.
  • Nobody mentioned the 60 percent of the country that wasn't burning or covered in oil.
  • OK, he didn't close Guantamo -- but it didn't get any bigger, so it's in remission!
  • Health reform is better than cancer.
  • For a black president to not get hit by an asteroid, that's a success.
  • No zombie apocalypse.

In summary, David says, "As president, he was pretty, pretty...not as bad as he could've been."

Photo/Video credit: Comedy Central