'The Dark Knight Rises': Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in newly released pics

dark-knight-rises-anne-hathaway-handcuffs.jpgWith the crescendo of hype surrounding "The Dark Knight Rises" at its peak, Warner Bros. has released a few new photos from the movie that focus not on Batman and Bane but on two other key characters.

Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake are featured most prominently in the new shots, including the one above -- which looks to be from the scene in which Blake interrogates Kyle about her ties to Bane ( Tom Hardy).

Selina also apparently knows her way with a gun, as indicated in this shot (the guy with his head down is identified as British actor Burn Gorman).

dark-knight-rises-anne-hathaway-gun.jpgAs Gotham City comes apart during Bane's campaign of terror, Blake, a dedicated police officer, does what he can to protect innocent people -- which includes shepherding kids off a wrecked school bus on a bridge and running through the lobby of a hospital with a shotgun.

dark-knight-rises-joseph-gordon-levitt-school-bus.jpg dark-knight-rises-joseph-gordon-levitt-running.jpg"The Dark Knight Rises" is, of course, a Batman movie, so the new batch of photos also includes the following shots of Bruce Wayne ( Christian Bale) and Alfred ( Michael Caine) in the Batcave and Batman with a new gadget -- which presumably is not an iPad, though it kind of looks like one.

dark-knight-rises-batcave.jpg dark-knight-rises-batman-tablet.jpg"The Dark Knight Rises" opens Friday (July 20). You can see many more images from the movie in Zap2it's photo gallery.
Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros.