'The Dark Knight Rises': MTV Movie Awards teaser brings the fear

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christian-bale-dark-knight-rises.jpgThe teaser for "The Dark Knight Rises" that debuted at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (June 3) didn't shed a ton of light on the film's plot. But that's pretty much our only quibble.

The clip showcases some more of Bruce Wayne ( Christian Bale) returning to the fight for his city, more of Bane ( Tom Hardy) wreaking havoc on it and a lot more of Anne Hathaway's Catwoman. From the clips we've seen, it would appear that Catwoman is at least kinda-sorta on Batman's side, if for no other reason than she knows what kind of monster Bane is: When John Blake ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt) asks what she knows about Bane, she replies, "Only that you should be as afraid of him as I am."

Other knockout shots in the teaser include a wall of wrecked cars blocking a tunnel -- are they to keep something out, something in or just collateral damage? -- and a shot of Bane catching Batman's fist in a melee on Gotham City's streets.

Introducing the clip, director Christopher Nolan said he was "almost finished with [the movie], but not quite." He's got about just under seven weeks to get it done, because "The Dark Knight Rises" is scheduled to hit theaters on July 20.

Photo/Video credit: Warner Bros.