'The Dark Knight Rises' set pics: Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, and Marion Cotillard in action

Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" took over Pittsburgh on Sunday (July 31). It doesn't hit theaters until summer 2012, but we do have a few shots of Christian Bale back in the Batsuit and back in action.

dark-knight-rises-christian-bale-01.jpgChristian Bale looks pretty relaxed between takes. Well, as relaxed as you can be in all that rubber.

dark-knight-rises-christian-bale-03.jpgIs that a set electrician? Nope. Just Tom Hardy playing villain, Bane, during a snowy fight sequence.

dark-knight-rises-tom-hardy-03.jpgHardy is looking pretty "Silence of the Lambs"-y with that face mask. Or maybe just really fashion forward. He might be on to something. Ok, maybe not so much.

dark-knight-rises-marion-cotillard-03.jpgNever fear! Marion Cotillard is here! Even though her character, Miranda Tates, is described simply as a Wayne Enterprises board member, it looks like she's getting into the action too as she climbs over the newly-camouflaged Tumbler.

dark-knight-rises-cycle.jpgThe Batcycle... about to get a ticket. Can't Batman read the sign? Sheesh!

dark-knight-rises-tumbler.jpgWait! Is the Tumbler even in this picture? Can't tell. So camouflaged!

dark-knight-rises-christian-bale-02.jpgAll in a days work on "The Dark Knight Rises" set.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images