'The Finder' hires George Stults for some brotherly love

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george-stults-geoff-stults-gi.jpgThe casting department at "The Finder" had it easy for their latest guest star. An upcoming episode of the new FOX show will introduce us to a new character -- Langston Sherman, the brother of the titular finder, Walter.

So, what do you do when you're trying to find somebody to play Geoff Stults' brother? Why, call his actual brother, of course! It must make things a lot easier that George Stults is also an actor, and in fact has played the onscreen big brother to his real-life little brother before. 

According to TVLine, George will appear as Langston in a late March episode of the series. Apparently, he'll come to town to ask Walter to find their estranged mother so their dying father can see her one last time.

This will be the second time the Stults brothers play onscreen siblings -- they starred as the Kincaid siblings Ben and Kevin for several years on "7th Heaven."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images