'The Glee Project' sneak peek: Damian and Matheus do 'Lady is a Tramp'

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the-glee-project-episode-5-pairability-015.jpegIt's time for "The Glee Project" kids to put their duet skills to the test! We always love the duets on "Glee" -- nothing like two characters expressing their pent-up feelings for each other through a Madonna montage or a Jason Mraz tune. 

For this week's episode, aptly titled "Pair-Ability," Darren Criss -- who was recently promoted to series regular status on "Glee," and who will be talking about said series regular status at San Diego Comic Con next Sunday -- is back as a mentor.

Damian and Matheus are so excited to work together, Damian gives Matheus a little lift! Zap2it has an exclusive sneak peek of their duet music video for "Lady Is A Tramp." What do you think? Can they stack up to Lindsay and Cameron on "Baby It's Cold Outside"?

Photo/Video credit: Oxygen