'The Good Wife': John Noble guest starring as an old client of Alicia's

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john-noble-the-good-wife.jpgTwo great fandoms are colliding. John Noble, whose work on "Fringe" was tragically overlooked by an award of any kind, is coming to "The Good Wife." And in a delightful detail, he's featured in time-jumping flashbacks.

"He comes on as a man that I have flashbacks [about], because he's a client that I used to take care of all the time," star Julianna Margulies tells TV Guide Canada. "He's a very interesting character who is sort of a brilliant techie guy that constantly sues people."

It sounds Noble's acting chops have not faltered since "Fringe" wrapped filming.

"He just elevated the part to such a different level," says Margulies. "It was remarkable to work with him and just a pleasure to have on set. On the page, I thought, 'Is this going to make sense?' and he filled it with such incredible talent. I can't even tell you. I looked at him and I went, 'I didn't even know that was the character.' I'm so blown away."

We're very excited to see the episode. "The Good Wife" airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images