'The Hasselhoffs': Prepare for awesomeness

Are you ready to get your Hoff on?

"The Hasselhoffs"
premieres two back-to-back episodes on A&E Sunday, Dec. 5 at 10 p.m. ET. the show follows former "Knight Rider," "Baywatch" and drunken burger-eating video star David Hasselhoff raise his two daughters Hayley and Taylor Ann, who have musical career aspirations of their own.

In the premiere "Hoff the Record," the siblings set out to start a band, Bella Vida, together, but Hayley lands a role on ABC Family's "Huge," which kind of messes up plans. In the second episode "Addiction," Hasselhoff gets caught cheating in a caffeine abstinence contest. Also, a dog psychic is hired to figure out why Taylor's dog is addicted to tennis balls.

Take a look at the family visiting the ladies on "The View" and a glimpse at the awesome promotional calendar of all things Hoff. We've also included some photos for your enjoyment.



Photo/Video credit: A&E