'The Heat' poster is a Melissa McCarthy Photoshop fail

It looks like someone went a little overboard -- OK, a lot overboard -- with the airbrush tools on the promotional poster for "The Heat," a female buddy cop comedy for 20th Century Fox starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock. The UK version of the poster pretty much obliterates McCarthy's face and neck into a fuzzy mush of nothingness. 

For comparison, here is an image of McCarthy from the film, next to her image on the UK poster:

The US version of "The Heat" poster isn't a whole lot better if we're all being honest. The image, as seen below on the left, reflects unreal, highly digitized depictions of both McCarthy and Bullock. Yet another promo image, as seen on IMDB and on the right below, not only Photoshops the film's stars, but leaves them almost completely in the dark as the image is overly backlit.

So, here's a question for the folks marketing this movie: How do you plan to sell a Bullock-McCarthy vehicle if you begin with the premise that these two talented women in their forties -- Bullock turns 49 in July, McCarthy is 42 -- are not acceptable to appear on posters without removing any semblance of what they actually look like?

Photo/Video credit: 20th Century Fox