'The Insider's' Brooke Anderson deems Rob Marciano 'perfect' for 'Entertainment Tonight'

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rob-marciano-cnn.jpg Brooke Anderson doubts he'll need them, but she's happy to give Rob Marciano any tips he may want.

Now the co-host of the syndicated magazine show "The Insider," former CNN and HLN showbiz-news host and reporter Anderson followed something of the same trajectory Marciano is about to: The CNN meteorologist is leaving the cable news network to become Nancy O'Dell's new "Entertainment Tonight" co-anchor at the start of the new year.

"I know Rob and I've spoken with him, and I think they've found the perfect person to fill that position," the pleasant Anderson tells Zap2it. "He can do anything. He can report live in the field, he can anchor from a desk, he can do news or weather or entertainment. I don't really think I need to offer him any advice, because he's so good at what he does, he doesn't need any."

brooke-anderson-insider-cbs-325.jpgAnderson notes, "It is different, going from cable news to syndication, so there is a transition and there is an adjustment period ... but I think Rob will be just fine. And I'm always here if he needs anything."

Marciano's move to "Entertainment Tonight" will come at the same time Anderson and her "Insider" co-host Kevin Frazier -- who also will anchor CBS' Thanksgiving Day Parade coverage together on Thursday, Nov. 22 -- experience a big change themselves. Their show will morph into "omg! Insider," marking a new collaboration between the program and Yahoo!'s entertainment-news area labeled omg!

"It feels gratifying and rewarding," Anderson says as her career nears another iteration, "but it is still a lot of hard work, and I thrive on that. I think my first job was when I was 12 years old, in a grocery store, so I've worked basically my entire life. I wouldn't know what to do not working. And I really enjoy it."
Photo/Video credit: CNN, CBS