The 'Kardashian Curse' strikes Kanye West as his popularity plummets

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-baby-e!.jpgIs there a so-called "Kardashian curse"? It might sound silly, but apparently when a man takes up with a Kardashian girl, his overall popularity tanks.

The Huffington Post reports on some data analyzed by E-Poll Market Research, which assigns celebrities an "E-score" based on their marketability. Apparently, Kanye West had been on a rebound after the Taylor Swift incident, but his popularity took a downturn after he started dating Kim Kardashian (see the graphic below).

E-Poll Senior DIrector of Marketing and Communications Randy Parker tells HuffPo, "He was starting to bounce back from [the Taylor Swift incident]. There does appear to there is some sort of fallback or blowback from him hooking up with Kim. One of the things we measure is an attribute called 'Overexposed'. We find that people use it as a general way of saying, 'I've had it with you. You've just gone a little too far.' I'm guessing his overexposed score is quite high."

Turns out he's correct. HuffPo says Kanye's "Overexposed" is at 37 percent (an average celebrity score is 4 percent) -- though he does have a long way to go to top his baby mama's score. Kim Kardashian's "Overexposed" number is a whopping 62 percent.

What do you think? Is Kanye less likable on Kim's arm?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images