'The League' Season 6 premiere: 'Sitting Shiva' sees least appropriate draft location yet

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the-league-season-6-premiere-sitting-shiva.jpgIt's football season once again, which means that FXX's excellent fantasy football comedy "The League" is back for Season 6 -- and the gang is just as awful as ever (that is meant in the most complimentary of ways).

This time, they start their football season with a surprise from Adam Brody's Ted, who suffers another terrible fate.

Although Pete proposes changes to the league, like adding two new members, the gang stays in their tight-knit circle and brings their draft to the absolute least appropriate setting yet -- Ted's funeral, where they appropriately "sit Shiva" and conduct their draft at the same time.

Oh, and a lot of famous professional football players showed up. Yep, "The League" is back! What did you think of the episode?
Photo/Video credit: FXX